@evelyn "subreddits are basically Mastodon instances where you follow everybody automatically, so there's way more content and you don't need to mess with all that tricky 'federation' business!"

Forgot to post, but did some unexpected debugging of cross-certificates and dusted off some old applied crypto neurons.

In case anyone wants to learn a bit about CA changes, I present a quick writeup on fixing lack of trust between the HARICA root CA in my trust store & a .onion certificate I bought: chris.partridge.tech/2022/untr

Spending literal days debugging what the fuck is going on with my hidden service for the zero (0) people reading my blog with Tor lol

Why am I just now learning that a "general strike" is illegal in the USA? Holy shit the populace is on a tight leash that's so fucked up

(this is not to discount folks who *do* have and publish more nuanced takes, but the eternal battle of "certs bad, get degrees" vs "degrees bad, get certs" is just eurgh)

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Bad answers about breaking into cybersecurity are too easy to find. Don't know why so many people post what personally worked for them when breaking into cybersecurity and phrase it as universal.

Maybe this is search engines being bad and promoting "definite" answers over more nuanced takes - but no matter the reason, folks trying to break in to cybersecurity are underserved by the highest profile & most marketed & most accessible answers :/

Paul Slocum, software developer who has been curating, conserving, and selling digital art since 2006 wrote an excellent and extensive survey of the effects and problems in the takeover of networked culture by creepto-capital.

He couldn't find a suitable publication for his critical perspective which speaks volumes about the state of media institutions which made a name and raise funding precisely promoting the opposite values to those of blockchain culture and now are totally integrated and participating in the cultural and economic distortion described by Paul.

Do read and share widely.

agitprop + dealing with spam 

problem: I get invited to Whatsapp crypto spam groups all the time 😔
opportunity: finally, an audience for my insufferable shit!

The building anxiety of being in your team meeting, feeling an itch in your throat, and scrambling to find the mute button among all your open windows before you cough loudly into the mic

i feel like the more i walk around seattle the more likely an AWS person is going to pop out of nowhere and hand me an AWS Managed NAT Gateway bill

You grow up in a different culture than the rest of your team? Cool! You'll see some things a little differently, and that leads to better decisions overall.

It's also just more fun to work with people who aren't all alike. I feel really sorry for people who want their whole team to be just like them. How boring…

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@mttaggart Love me some BSides though I know it doesn't carry quite the same prestige

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Taking the "Twitter" out of "InfoSec Twitter."