Apparently RIPE Atlas occasionally has delays in calculating your credit balance.

So if you, hypothetically, spent one million credits per day... it might allow you to get into a negative balance.

Our saga of nesting robins has ended - today, the chicks flew away from the nest. All four survived to adolescence! We're sad to see them go but very proud that the robin family has survived and thrived.

Bonus: the chicks are SO POOFY and CUTE look at how cute they are now

Update: the robin chicks are getting EXTRA FLUFFY and they are getting almost too big to fit in the nest! A video of them sleeping in a pile:

My Bing in Christ how have you discovered 1,000 pages to index, you're reading the same two HTML files over and over??

This I have a little something special. Source material.

Everyone reading: "What?"

Source material - that is to say, 30.3 GB of whole genome sequencing results for my cat, Aida.

Update: First chick hatched at 6:30PM!!! Good job Robin Williams, I really REALLY hope you and at least one of your chicks survives this season!! Good luck poofy mom!!

CW: politics 

r/cybersecurity discusses joining the US military:

I have to riffle through cybersecurity surveys frequently as part of mod duties - think "CompSci MSc thesis" type stuff usually.

What is up with adding useless demographic questions to technical surveys? This is seriously a survey about implementing zero trust security in enterprises. What do demographics, hell even your fucking citizenship status, have to do with anything??

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